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Technologies Overview

There is no perfect solution; this is why we perform continuous validation and improvement of our development process through permanent benchmark analysis and embed our knowledge and experience within it.

We are permanently adopting new information from IT world, learning new technologies and increasing our potential. Our developers have great skills and experience in various modern technologies, but some of them still remember older technologies. Our development strategy places our focus on Internet orientated technologies.

Team's Character

When starting a project, we assemble teams that possess a deep knowledge across the different technologies involved in that project. These teams are normally composed of senior and junior developers with a technical lead who enforces best practices and patterns for specific technologies. We always motivate our people to be inovative and creative.

Our employees are the foundation of our professional approach which is one of the key aspects in any IT project. Training our people is crucial for building specialist expertise and staying up to date on the latest advances in IT. In order to make our team successful and focused on the advances in application development and integration, we structured a process which continuously increases the knowledge and familiarity of our team with information technologies. We also organise trainings and visiting events of interest.

Development process is a crucial part for a project to be a success and that is why we complement our technical expertise with Agile methodologies.

Technology Expertise

We have a number of highly qualified IT professionals capable of providing various IT services using major technologies and platforms.
Our architects have proven their excellence on many projects. They are able to determine the most effective solution for the project to bring the customer a true business value.

Our core technology areas
Java: JSP, Spring framework, Hibernate/JPA
.NET: C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Enterprise Library, VB.NET
WEB development: Angular, React, Vue.js, Flutter, Typescript, Bootstrap
Cloud services: Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure
Mobile: Androd, iOS
DB: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, DynamoDB