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Healthcare solution

Healthcare solutions

For private and government health services

Healthcare Solutions

Harmony is the leading provider of information management solutions for both government and private providers' health services. Harmony helps agencies maximize client outcomes, improve the efficiency of service delivery, and ensure funding compliance by offering automated, easy-to-use web-based software.

We have been partners with Harmony Information Systems Inc. since January 2008 and were involved in a number of software engineering efforts within the Microsoft technology suite. We have been adept at rapidly learning both the Harmony's technology platform and the business domain.
"I have worked with many offshore vendors from around the world and believe Intens has proven to be one of the best"

"Overall they are effectively an Integrated part of the team that just so happens to be remote!"
Derrick Cobey
CTO - Harmony IS
Global trade managment

Global trade management

Export/import logistic and warehausing

Global Trade Management

In 2005 JP Morgan Chase acquired Vastera Inc. Since before the acquisition Intens team has been deeply involved in development of the main products. We have continued working in the same way as we did with Vastera. At that time our focus was on customization and maintenance.

Our engagement was related to development of new features and enhancements, i.e. building new releases and maintenance of existing main line products. We were involved in customizations of these products as well.
"INTENS has been integrated into the J.P.Morgan Chase Vastera's core product team, and continues to provide high quality, timely deliverables, adhering to J.P.Morgan Chase Vastera's standards for software development.
Lisa King
VP - JPMorgan Chase Vastera
Global trade managment

Global trade management

Customs brokerage and compliance

Global Trade Management

Livingston International is the number one company in North America focused on customs brokerage and compliance with a vision to be recognized as the premier customs and compliance services company in North America who do business globally.

Our team remained a trustful partner after structural and organizational changes. Now we have different roles in the new organization. A number of software developer's tasks is still assigned to us, but our prevailing role is consultancy as our team members are recognized as SME-s (Subject Matter Experts).
"The Intens team have worked for my Business for over 10 years. They are an extremely competent, reliable and knowledgeable group and have provided solutions in Java and .Net. for Livingston international.
We continue to use and rely on the Intens business and are extremely pleased with this relationship"
Phil Tearne
VP - Livingston Intl Tech Services
Human resources

Human resources

From Talent management to Workforce acquisition

Human Resources

Peoplefluent is transforming talent management through best-of-breed technology and expertise. With a deep focus on business intelligence and analytics their company's mobile and SaaS technology gives clients the actionable insight required to make strategic decisions that provide better business results.

Nearly 80 percent of the Fortune 100 uses our client's talent management, vendor management and workforce compliance and diversity solutions to manage salaried, hourly and contingent labor across their organization.
"They were a true partner to our business. They felt like they were part of our company as opposed to just a vendor.

Compared to other suppliers, the quality was consistently higher, the staff turnover was much lower and the cost were more competitive."
Erik Morse
CTO - Peopleclick
Banking solutions

Banking solutions

Debt control and collection processes

Banking Debt Control

Since 1997, Erste Group has developed into one of the largest financial services provider in Central and Eastern Europe, with over 47,000 employees serving 16.6 million clients in around 2,900 branches within 7 countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia).

Our team is involved in development of their debt control and collection processes systems with client life cycle monitoring, scalable debt reaction mechanisms and tracking client's payment habits.
"Excellent communication and qualified personel makes Intens a valuable partner.
Opposite to the fears we had about subcontracting our processes, joint development of our applications with Intens is running smoothly and efficient like they are in-house employees."
Bojan Petric
IT Dev Division Director - Erste Bank
Agriculture logistics

Agriculture logistics

Agribusiness enterprise software solutions

Agriculture Business Solutions

Progressive Software is a leading provider of agribusiness ERP software. With over 30 years of experience, Progressive Software knows integrated agricultural systems. Progressive Software's clients include commodity traders, feed mills, grain elevators and bulk commodity carriers. The latest product Swine Management adds pig farms and pig production management companies to their family of clients.

Our team was involved in design and implementation of an agricultural dispatch portal with a purpose to make the routing and scheduling processes in this industry significantly easier. Nowdays, our focus in working with Progressive Software is development of the SwineManagement solution.

"Intens has been a great programming resource for us.

Their staff has proven knowledgable and efficient. "
Benn Bekic
VP Product/Business Dev - ProSoft XP
Global trade managment

Bonded warehouse

Warehousing, distribution and transportation services

Bonded Warehouse Management

Airport Cargo Warehouse Inc provides warehousing, distribution, and transportation services for clients involved in the international freight industry. Their services are aimed at distribution and transportation companies dealing with mass multiple shipments.

We custom built a unique software solution that supports Airport Cargo Warehouse's daily operational activities, document management flow and web portal intended for their clients.
"The Intens software solution was key in our initial growth and will remain an integral part of our future.

We would highly recommend them to any organization looking to stay ahead of the competition, saving both time and money."
Frank Foti
CEO - Airport Cargo Warehouse Inc
Global trade managment

Global Trade Management

Customs brokerage and freight forwarding

Global Trade Management

Imanet was a software solution vendor for international trade in Canada. Imanet's core products were in the areas of customs brokerage and freight forwarding. In 2010, Imanet was acquired by Descartes Systems Group, a software service provider based in Waterloo, Ontario.

As an offshore outsourcing company, we were deeply involved in the development of their strategic project. Our primary role was coding and creating a huge set of reports upon requested specifications, then we moved towards more complex tasks of analysis and redesign of processes.
"Working with an off-shore development team should not be a threat, there was plenty of work for our in-house development team and Intens to ensure the success of the project, I was happy to have found people that have the knowledge and the desire to produce and be recognized globally"
Cedomir Bekic
CEO & Founder - Imanet