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About Us

Meet Intens

Intens is a software development company based in Europe specialising in designing and developing bespoke solutions and applications.

Intens is passionate about the projects it undertakes as it delivers confidence and excellence through each and every project and has been doing so since 2000.

With a rich client list that includes SMEs to Fortune 500 companies and with a technical skillset to match, Intens is an ideal Technology partner to deliver a comprehensive range of services and solutions.

Core Values

Listening to our client's business and technical requirements and translating them accurately. Providing an undisputed level of service to the customer with exceptionally fast response times for client's needs.

Developing solutions that are thoroughly tested time and time again leaving no margin for error. Cost-effective pricing models designed to match budget requirements without any compromise to the quality delivered.

Providing experienced and trained IT staff. Exemplary leadership and project management skills. Passion and dedication for our customers success as proven by the longevity of our customer relationships.

Essential Facts

Software developers, based in Europe with over 10 years of success due to our excellent permanently employed team.

Employees are educated to BSc. and master degree level in Computer Science with knowledge of Fluent English and considerable indepth knowledge of EU languages.

A can do culture is established within Intens to promote innovation and delivery of exceptional client orientated results. We invest considerably into training employees and bringing in new skills.

Founding member of the exceptional ICT Cluster organization.


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Latest News

  • Meet Us at SEE-IT Summit 2018
    Intens will exhibit at 1st International Summit for IT, Telecommunication and Innovation in Novi Sad, 7-9 November 2018. SEE-IT Summit will take place at Novi Sad Fair and will deliver a quality mix of conferences, workshops and specialized panels. See you there!!!
    Time for Intens
    15 Oct.
    Meet Us at SEE-IT Summit 2018 15.10.2018. by Intens
  • Intens - Gold Partner at IT Konekt Event
    Intens keeps on supporting great events and conferences that have significant tech value and contributing to regional IT scene. IT Konekt team did a great job with ringing more than 100 speakers to 4 locations in Serbia. read more
    Time for Intens
    10 Apr.
    Intens - Gold Partner at IT Konekt Event 10.04.2018. by Intens
  • Intensify - East Coast / West Coast Tour
    Our event management loyalty platform - Intensify traveled to visit our US friends and partners in Utah and New York. We expect some great partnerships in coming months. read more
    Time for Intens
    02 Feb.
    Intensify - East Coast / West Coast Tour 02.02.2018. by Intens
  • Intens at Voxxed Days Belgrade
    Voxxed Days Belgrade is a technology conference, brought to you by Heapspace, a tech-loving community from Belgrade. This year's topis were: Languages, Architecture, Security, VR & AI. read more
    Time for Intens
    22 Oct.
    Intens at Voxxed Days Belgrade 22.10.2017. by Intens
  • Our New Offices
    We have finally moved to our new offices! A beautiful interior with so much bright space, creates great energy and makes a perfect working surroundings. Now we are located at Bulevar Evrope 28 - come visit us!!! read more
    Time for Intens
    15 Sep.
    Our New Offices 15.09.2017. by Intens
  • Intens at KONTEH
    Once again, Intens is at KONTEH - searching for the best students to join our growing family or participate in our internship program. Visit our booth on 22nd and 23rd of March at Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad
    Time for Intens
    06 Mar.
    Intens at KONTEH 06.03.2017. by Intens
  • Our family grew over 50 members
    Since its foundation in year 2000, Intens has been known for the warm family atmosphere and great interpersonal relationships. We are so proud of each of our members and happy to see our team counts more than 50 people.
    Time for Intens
    16 Dec.
    Our family grew over 50 members 16.12.2016. by Intens
  • Bisnode Certificate
    Intens has been certified by Bisnode - credit evaluation system for companies in terms of their reliability and rating. Intens scored AAA for the highest credit worthiness!
    Time for Intens
    01 Nov.
    AAA Bisnode Certificate for Intens 01.11.2016. by Intens
  • Intens Soccer Team
    After several weeks of debating who will make the team captain and do we have a qualified coach, decisions were made! Go support Intens Team in prestigious IT Soccer League and find out all details.
    Time for Intens
    22 Apr.
    Intens Soccer Team 22.04.2016. by Intens
  • Annual Company day 2015
    Annual Company Day 2015 was a delight. First half took place at our local golf center - lots of fun with great weather conditions. Second half was spiced with fine cousin and drinks at Tiganjica resort. read more
    Time for Intens
    10 Oct.
    Annual Company day 2015 05.10.2015. by Intens
  • Intensify
    IntensNet, our spin-off company has presented Intensify Mobile Loyalty solution at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. See more details about the product features and what makes it one of a kind solution on the market. read more
    Time for Intens
    27 Apr.
    Intensify at CinemaCon in Las Vegas 27.04.2015. by Intens
  • Intens is ISO 9001
    Intens is ISO 9001:2008 certified in the following scope of operation: Design, development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions Certificate Number: SO1-1332-209. read more
    Time for Intens
    20 Nov.
    Intens has been ISO certified 20.11.2013. by Intens
  • Annual Company day 2013
    Annual Company day 2013 took place at Andrevlje - National Park Fruska Gora. Complete enjoyment was assured through variety of sporting activities including a football match, billiard and quality cuisine spiced with great atmosphere and good humor among colleagues. read more
    Time for Intens
    04 Oct.
    Annual Company Day 2013 04.10.2013. by Intens
  • Recognized by EU and The World Bank
    Intens Net, our spin-off company was recognized by EU and The World Bank as one of the most innovative companies in Serbia and will be financed to develop a solution that will integrate a variety of social media experiences with client loyalty programs. read more
    Time for Intens
    28 Jun.
    Winning finances by Innovation Fund 28.06.2013. by Intens
  • International B2B Software Days in Vienna
    Intens will visit 2nd International B2B Software Days in Vienna, 10-11 April 2013. The event is primarily aimed at companies and R&D institutions looking for technological, research and business cooperation. read more
    Time for Intens
    21 Mar.
    The Big Data Challenge - Vienna 21.03.2013. by Intens