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Intens software
Intens software
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Intens software
Intens software
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Intens software
Intens software

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About Us

Meet Intens

Intens is a software development company based in Europe specialising in designing and developing bespoke solutions and applications.

Intens is passionate about the projects it undertakes as it delivers confidence and excellence through each and every project and has been doing so since 2000.

With a rich client list that includes SMEs to Fortune 500 companies and with a technical skillset to match, Intens is an ideal Technology partner to deliver a comprehensive range of services and solutions.

Core Values

Listening to our client's business and technical requirements and translating them accurately. Providing an undisputed level of service to the customer with exceptionally fast response times for client's needs.

Developing solutions that are thoroughly tested time and time again leaving no margin for error. Cost-effective pricing models designed to match budget requirements without any compromise to the quality delivered.

Providing experienced and trained IT staff. Exemplary leadership and project management skills. Passion and dedication for our customers success as proven by the longevity of our customer relationships.

Essential Facts

Software developers, based in Europe with over 20 years of success due to our excellent permanently employed team.

Employees are educated in Computer Science and Computer Engineering with strong commitment to the company and great commercial experience.

A can do culture is established within Intens to promote innovation and delivery of exceptional client orientated results. We invest considerably into training employees and bringing in new skills.

Founding member of the exceptional ICT Cluster organization.


Java developer .NET developer React/Angular developer Android/iOS developer AWS Azure SQL developer
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Join Us

Team Work

Intens is an open-minded and supportive working environment, actively encouraging individuals in their personal and professional development.

There is a strong emphasis on knowledge sharing and mutual assistance, nurturing a collaborative atmosphere.

Together, we strive to make each day better than the last, keeping our doors wide open for new talented colleagues.

Benefits and Perks

Hybrid work and flexible working hours.

Private health package, office massage.

Up to 6 days of sick leave without medical documentation.

Team building and sports activities.


You can choose an internship in Java, .Net, Mobile development, DevOps, or QA.

At least one mentor will be dedicated to you and your agile team of interns.

The best performing will be invited to join Intens team.